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Arrangement of multi-purpose furnace heat treatment

2019-11-22 09:20:35

The layout of the heat treatment multi-purpose furnace refers to the wiring of the furnace bottom and the furnace wall, 2-1-1 refers to the two groups of the furnace bottom, one on each side, and these can be adjusted according to the condition of the furnace and the required temperature. One more group and two groups are also acceptable, as long as the temperature is properly controlled.

That number refers to the problem of the proportion of carburizing furnace and other supporting equipment in the production line. 2-1-1 refers to that two carburizing furnaces share a tempering furnace and a cleaning machine. Because the actual carburizing and tempering and cleaning time is relatively short, if the carburizing furnace is staggered, the cleaning and tempering will be performed in time. How to configure depends on the actual production situation.

Multi-purpose furnace model

The meaning of each letter: T: indicates heating chamber Q: indicates with quenching function R: with pushback drive device 4,10,8, which represents different loading space sizes. TQ-210 should be TQ-2-10, which represents 10 The double-chamber furnace with quenching function, that is, the furnace type of the two heating chambers, and the models are TQF, RTQF, where F indicates that the upper part of the quenching chamber is equipped with an air cooling fan, which indicates a furnace type with fast air cooling .

Heat treatment furnace parts


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