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What are the advantages of the working characteristics of a vacuum multi-purpose furnace?

2019-11-19 09:45:05

The vacuum multi-purpose furnace uses the characteristics of low boiling point of water under low pressure to rapidly heat the hot medium water filled in the sealed furnace body. The hot medium water boils to evaporate high-temperature water vapor, and the water vapor condenses on the heat exchange tube for heat exchange The cold water in the tube achieves the purpose of supplying hot water.

(1) Vacuum negative pressure operation, does not really explode, and has excellent safety.

(2) The successful separation of the high temperature zone and high pressure zone of the stressed steel plate extends the service life by 2-3 times and the designed service life reaches 30 years.

(3) The overall design is scientific, reasonable and compact, saving 50-70% of the floor space.

(4) Heat exchange in the body, the efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 91% or more, and 70-80 ° C hot water can be provided within 2-3 minutes after startup, which greatly shortens the warm-up period and reduces energy waste.

(5) Fully automatic control, which can implement intelligent, unmanned operation or remote network control.

(6) Built-in stainless steel heat exchanger, no pollution to water quality.

(7) Compared with the indirect type (boiler + external displacement heat exchanger + circulating water pump + material + installation cost), the installation cost can be saved by more than 30-40%.

(8) High efficiency, fast heating, good heat exchange, saving fuel cost by more than 20-30%.

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