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What is the operating process of the nitriding furnace

2019-11-27 09:45:51

The price of nitriding furnaces varies and is also affected by the operation process. Next, let's take a look at the operation process of a nitriding furnace.

Nitriding furnace has the characteristics of low processing temperature, short time and small deformation of the workpiece. Properties: high fatigue limit and good wear resistance.

1. The gas nitriding furnace before nitriding must be a workpiece that has been normalized or quenched and tempered first.

2. First use gasoline and alcohol to scrub the surface of the gas nitriding furnace workpiece. There must be no rust spots, oil stains, or dirt.

3. After installing in the furnace, tighten the furnace cover compression bolts symmetrically.

4. Pass the cooling water to the water inlet of the furnace tank and furnace cover for circulating water cooling. The pipe of the gas nitriding furnace cover is cooled with water inlet and the upper end is with water. The furnace tank is fed with water separately and drained separately. All water pipes of the gas nitriding furnace cover can be connected in series according to the principle of low inlet and high outlet. , A mouth drain.

5. Nitrogen exhaust gas should be sent before the gas nitriding furnace is warmed up, and the flow rate during exhaustion should be more than double that during use.

After exhausting for 10 minutes, set the temperature control instrument to 150 ° C, turn the automatic heating switch on, heat the gas nitriding furnace while exhausting and heat at 150 ° C for 2h, and then set the temperature control instrument to 530 ° C. Reduce the ammonia gas flow, keep the positive pressure in the furnace, and the air outlet has a small upward pressure. When the furnace temperature rises to 530 ° C, constant temperature and constant current nitriding for 3-20 hours, then increase the ammonia gas pressure. Let the exhaust gas maintain a moderate pressure, nitriding for 4-70h, then lower the ammonia pressure, denitrify for 1-2h, cut off the power supply, and give a small amount of ammonia.

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