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What exactly is a multi-purpose furnace?

2019-11-28 10:45:51

Multi-purpose furnace refers to the thermal equipment for continuous production with multi-layer hearth, also known as rake furnace or multi-hearth furnace. Used for incineration of municipal waste, roasting of non-ferrous metal mineral powder, light burning of magnesium hydroxide filter cake and natural magnesite powder. Due to the complicated structure, difficult maintenance and low thermal efficiency of the equipment, it has gradually been replaced by suspension furnaces and boiling furnaces in the production of magnesium refractories.

Working principle: The furnace body is provided with a multilayer hearth, which is divided into drying, preheating, baking and cooling belts from top to bottom. The vertical rotation axis of the hearth of the hearth drives the harrow arms and teeth of each hearth to rotate. The material is added from the feeding holes around the top of the furnace. The discharge openings of the odd-numbered hearths in the furnace are located at the center, and the discharge openings of the even-numbered hearths are evenly arranged around the periphery. Due to the different orientations of the odd and even hearth tines, under the action of the tines' turning and pushing, the materials fall in an “S” shape from top to bottom, and they exchange heat with the hot flue gas coming from the combustion chamber countercurrently.

Equipment composition: It consists of a cylindrical furnace body, a hollow rotating shaft and a transmission device, a rake arm and a tine, a feeding and discharging device, a flue gas purification device and a reburning device.

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