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How to operate a multi-purpose furnace

2019-11-28 10:50:08

How to operate a multi-purpose furnace

I. Preparations before warming up

1. Close the hand valves for each atmosphere except N2 on the gas distribution rack.

2. Check whether the safety nitrogen pressure (50KPa) is normal and the flow is sufficient.

3. Check whether the agencies on the device are normal. (Including whether each nut is loose)

4. Check whether the lubrication status of each running mechanism on the equipment is good.

5. Check the oil, water and gas channels on the equipment for leaks.

6. Check if the oil tank fluid level is normal.

7. Check whether the grid voltage is normal.

8. Check each transfer switch on the control cabinet, it should be in the off position.

Second, power up

1. When the equipment is in a normal state, the equipment can be powered up and warmed up.

2. Close the "main switch main switch".

3. Open each hand valve of nitrogen, and introduce nitrogen into the furnace to drive away the water and air in the furnace and reduce the surface oxidation of the radiation tube. The flow is 10 ~ 15M3 / h. (5m3 / h)

4. Select system control mode (MP277 / FOCOS)

Back room setting content Back room setting content:

Select Man / Prog Mode and set the temperature.

Oil tank setting content Oil tank setting content:

Turn on the oil circulation pump, select whether the oil tank heating is on, select whether the oil tank heating is ON / OFF, ON / OFF, and set the oil temperature. Turn on the blender. Set the oil temperature. Turn on the blender. Carbon potential control is off. Carbon potential control is off.

5. On the main control cabinet (control room) of the multi-purpose furnace, turn on: agitator power, control voltage, heating control.

After the heating starts, observe whether the current values of the back chamber heating ammeter and oil tank heating ammeter on the control cabinet are normal and whether they are three-phase balanced.

6. Enter the adjustment mode, close the middle door to 2/3, the back room starts to heat up, and the heating rate is maintained at 100 ° C for one hour. When the temperature of the rear chamber rises to 800 ° C, the temperature can be raised to the working temperature. When the back room temperature rises to 400 ° C, the middle door is lowered to 1/3, and when it rises to 600 ° C, the middle door is closed. (It should be properly adjusted depending on the length of the shutdown and the local environment, the amount of opening of the middle door and the heating rate of the rear chamber). The front door remains fully open.

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