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How to manage the multi-purpose furnace heat treatment workshop?

2019-12-07 09:30:35

With the rapid development of China's machinery manufacturing industry in recent years, the heat treatment equipment of multi-purpose furnaces has gradually been upgraded. Many companies that originally produced wells and box furnaces have been upgraded to advanced and reliable multi-purpose furnaces. The number of users is increasing, and the management method of the heat treatment workshop should also be improved. Users of multi-purpose furnaces include private enterprises, private enterprises, self-employed enterprises, large state-owned enterprises, and professional heat treatment processing plants. The scale, management level, technical level, and staffing of enterprises vary widely, which will directly affect the efficiency of the equipment.

The hermetically sealed box type multi-purpose furnace has been widely used for its parts heat treatment environment is sealed, the atmosphere is easy to achieve accurate control, the process is flexible and the product is adaptable. The sealed box type multi-purpose furnace is widely used in aircraft, automobile, motorcycle, engineering machinery, engine, machine tool and standard parts, bearings, hydraulic parts and other basic parts and machinery industries. Controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace production line can realize a variety of heat treatment processes, carburizing and cooling quenching, carburizing slow cooling, carbonitriding, quenching, bright quenching, protective atmosphere quenching and tempering, etc.

Equipment management

(1) Equipment ledger, repair and maintenance

The multi-purpose furnace heat treatment production line equipment is mainly composed of front cleaning machine, main furnace, post cleaning machine, tempering furnace, preheating furnace, control room (including electrical control, carbon control system, temperature control system, control software), loading and unloading vehicles, loading and unloading. Table, preparation table, etc. Equipment management personnel should first establish a equipment account, record equipment maintenance, replacement of equipment, periodic equipment maintenance, periodic inspections, regular operators to check items, and equipment maintenance personnel to check items regularly.

(2) Establish check record table to grasp equipment dynamics and fault conditions in real time

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