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Multi-purpose furnace nitrogen purity requirements

2019-12-11 11:30:44

Multi-purpose furnace nitrogen purity requirements

1. This box type controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace production line is mainly used for gas carburizing, carbonitriding, reheating and quenching of the workpiece under controlled atmosphere, and quenching and tempering under protective atmosphere. The operation of this equipment must be safe, reliable, straightforward and simple. It adopts automatic control of the entire process of the computer. The process has good stability. In the event of a power outage or other unexpected situations, it can be automatically charged with nitrogen, and the subsequent processes can be completed manually to ensure safe operation. And product quality.

2. Tempering furnace with protective atmosphere is used for tempering and aging annealing of workpieces (for high and low temperature and different temperature sections, the heating power should be adjustable, with a protective atmosphere function).

3. The washing machine is used for cleaning and drying the workpiece before carburizing and carbonitriding and after carburizing and carbonitriding and quenching. The cleanliness of the workpiece after washing and drying meets the standards required for carburizing and carbonitriding, and the workpiece is non-corrosive and has no effect on the heat treatment quality of the next process. 4. Loading and unloading truck is used for loading and unloading of box-type controlled atmosphere multi-purpose furnace, tempering furnace, washing machine, and workpiece transfer between various processes of the production line. The loading and unloading of the equipment workshop can be completed accurately according to the prescribed position.

All equipment on this production line must be brand new (including all parts, components and accessories). Manufactured from advanced and reliable materials, production processes and specifications that are not lower than national standards; similar equipment bidding by bidders should have more than two years of experience in the domestic coal mining machinery industry or similar industries.

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