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Multipurpose furnace concept

2019-12-14 09:15:25

Multipurpose furnace concept

The box gas carburizing and nitriding heat treatment automatic production line is a complete set of units. The production line is composed of heating furnace, washing machine, tempering furnace, push-pull cart, material preparation table, etc. The control system and main execution elements are imported from foreign advanced countries. They can be fully automatic or manual operation. Large-scale production is also suitable for multi-variety and small-batch production. It is easy to operate and has low operating costs. It can realize carburizing, carbonitriding, bright quenching, annealing, and normalizing heat treatment processes.


1. With muffle square hearth structure or round muffle-free hearth design, eliminating dead angles of hot air circulation, good temperature and atmosphere uniformity in the furnace

2. The imported carbon control microcomputer and zirconia probe are used to detect and control the carbon potential in the furnace with high accuracy and stable and reliable product heat treatment quality;

3. The SCR power regulator PID is used to continuously control the output power, with high temperature control accuracy and good stability, which avoids the impact of the contactor on / off of the ordinary heat treatment furnace on the radiation tube and the power grid;

4. Using a step-down isolation transformer, the working voltage of the radiant tube is low.

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