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Controllable atmosphere multi-purpose furnace temperature controller optimization recommendations and maintenance:

2020-01-04 16:30:38

Controllable atmosphere Multi-purpose furnace protection atmosphere, typically including the evacuable charge and container atmosphere can be placed in a box furnace. The atmosphere furnace is very flexible in the industry, especially for the core sintered magnetic material industry, which is mainly used for small-scale laboratories and small batch production. The core sintering process has certain requirements for the oxygen partial pressure. Usually, after evacuation, nitrogen is filled and sintered.

The equipment must be used under the following environmental conditions: often remove dust particles and scattered objects in the furnace, and keep the furnace clean.

1) When used indoors, the ambient temperature is -10 ~ 40 ° c, overloading is strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the structure.

2) The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters; regularly check whether it is in good contact with the connection part of the circuit system.

3) The relative humidity of the environment is not more than 85% RH; those containing higher moisture are forbidden, and the volatile substances directly contain the workpiece, and the organic matter is sent to the heat treatment furnace.

4) There are no conductive dust, flammable and explosive materials and gases in the surrounding environment, and no corrosive gas that seriously damages the metal; it is strictly prohibited to heat metals, glass and other high-temperature molten materials into the furnace without crucible charging. Regularly check the condition of the electric heating elements, and repair and replace them in time if they are found to be aging, broken, or short-circuited

5) No vibration and vibration, normal operation, temperature 1200 ° c can not be used for a long time, can not be overheated, overloaded operation, prevent sudden high temperature rise and cold power failure, so as not to damage the furnace and electric heating.

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