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Pusher Type Gas Carbonitriding Furnace Plants

Pusher Type Gas Carbonitriding Furnace Plants

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  • Release date:2020-01-08 13:39:49
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Pusher Type Gas Carbonitriding Furnace Plants

Product line profile

Pusher Type Gas Carbonitriding Furnace Plants

The pusher type carburizing furnace plants is mainly used for Car,high-volume, continuous production of industrial users such as gears, bearings and others. Parts of the different layers depth can be treated with the same plants. The plants has two type: single pusher and double pusher. be used for carburizing quenching、tempering、Slow cooling after carburizing,carbonitriding quenching tempering etc.。

the pusher type carburizing furnace plants  includes loading devices, first washing machine (optional), pre-oxidation furnace, heating furnace, carburizing furnace, diffusion furnace, quenching tank, second washing machine, tempering furnace, unloading devices and so on.

The computer system can achieve online control and remote diagnosis,  such as supervision of equipment operation (such as reel tracking), simulation of process and calculation  of heat treatment data.



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