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What parts does the multi-purpose furnace tooling hanger include?

2019-12-01 15:10:41

Multi-purpose furnace tooling hangers, including hangers, fan-shaped block hanging trays, hangers, positioning slots, furnace supports, hanging holes, hanger platforms, and workpieces, which are characterized in that the entire set of hangers is divided into hangers and fan-shaped blocks There are three parts of the hanging tray and the hanger. The hanger has a modular design. The hanger is designed as a split snap ring type, a T-shaped hole type, a card cap type, and a pin type. The combination of the hanging trays with different holes can be used to hang different parts. When the shape of the parts needs to be changed, it is not necessary to replace the entire sling, only the sling or the sling can be replaced. Therefore, the life of the entire sling can be prolonged, the consumption of heat-resistant steel materials of the sling can be saved, and the sling can be reduced. Production cost of heat treatment.

Why multi-purpose furnace can achieve high quality carburizing

1. Water will decompose oxygen and hydrogen at high temperature. Oxygen will oxidize steel parts. Hydrogen is a decarburized atmosphere. Therefore, the less the water content, the better.

2. The oxygen probe is used to measure the carbon potential during carburizing. The oxygen probe is used to indirectly control the carbon potential by measuring the oxygen content of the atmosphere in the furnace. If the methanol contains more water, the oxygen decomposed from the furnace will interfere with the oxygen probe. The measurement of carbon makes it difficult to control the carbon potential, resulting in an error between the carbon potential displayed on the meter and the carbon potential in the furnace, which affects the control of carburizing and the quality of carburizing.

Multi-purpose furnace

1. For those that cannot be produced in batches, the sizes of the workpieces are not equal, and there are many types that require versatility and versatility in the process, a box-type multipurpose furnace can be selected.

2. When heating long shafts, long screw rods, pipes and other workpieces, a deep-well electric furnace can be selected.

3. For small batch carburizing parts, a well gas carburizing furnace can be selected.

4. For the production of large quantities of automobile, tractor gear and other parts, continuous carburizing production line or box-type multi-purpose furnace can be selected.

5. For the mass production of sheet metal blanks for stamping parts, rolling furnaces and roller hearth furnaces are preferred.

6. For batches of shaped parts, you can choose to use pusher or conveyor resistance furnaces (pusher furnace or cast furnace)

7. Small mechanical parts such as screws, nuts, etc. can be used in the hearth furnace or mesh belt furnace.

8. Steel ball and roller heat treatment can use the internal spiral rotary tube furnace.

9. Non-ferrous metal ingots can be used in push-type furnaces in large-scale production, and small-scale non-ferrous metal parts and materials can be heated by air circulation furnaces.

The lining of the industrial penetrating pusher gas furnace is made of refractory brick fiber elements, and its fire resistance is very good. In addition, the industrial through-type pusher gas furnace door is cooled by an electric method. The main control method is the use of an intelligent control system, which can realize software programming management. The main structure of the industrial penetrating pusher gas stove consists of the following parts: furnace body part, furnace door and column part, furnace door drive system, pusher mechanism, smoke exhaust device, combustion system and pipeline, control system, etc.

Multi-purpose furnace manufacturers


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