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Host computer control of multi-purpose furnace production line

2019-12-09 11:15:02

Host computer control of multi-purpose furnace production line

1. F1 interface: heat treatment program can be controlled in two ways: TIME and CD%. Carburizing quenching without intermediate cooling, carburizing quenching with intermediate cooling, and gas quenching after carburizing can be performed.

2. F2 interface: Workpiece and loading data table, record the previous production data, keep it on file, and check it at any time;

3. F3 interface: data record, furnace temperature, oil temperature, carbon potential curve record, short cycle, long cycle;

4, F4 interface: process monitoring, if in the FOCOS control state, you can perform the process of stopping, running, skipping, resetting and other operations;

5. F5 interface: fault, current fault, historical fault, fault overview;

6. F6 interface: carburizing curve, that is, data calculated online;

7, F7 interface: a utility program that can calculate the conversion between mv value, dew point, CO2 content, and carbon potential through temperature and CO content, can calculate the carbon black limit; and can calculate the alloy coefficient of each material;

8. F8 interface: observe the interface status, program status, and switch between Chinese and English of the furnace;

9, F9 interface: password management;

10. F10 interface: system overview;

11. F11 interface: End the program.

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